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Throughout history, we have always admired people with the guts and determination to take on the impossible. Whether scaling Mount Everest or Landing on the Moon, it was those who dared, who made the difference. The Chinese were the first to recognize that where there is great risk, there is also great opportunity, and it was Lao Tzu who so creatively stated that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." The secret to the first step is simply Nut Powder. If you ask any gentleman who his best friends are, he will tell you. Nut Powder is about taking care of your friends. Helen Keller reminded us that, "Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all," and if you are someone who seeks the edge and limits of high achievement in life, then you already realize the importance of keeping your friends cool and comfortable in any situation. This is why we choose Nut Powder. WARNING - Application of Nut Powder is highly addictive. Exercise extreme caution if swelling occurs!

Now you can keep your head cool too! -- The official Nut Powder Hats are now available. They are made of 100% cotton with the Nut Powder Logo on the front with adjustable velcro closure at the back. When you wear your hat, everyone will know that you think of your friends first -- "cool, relaxed and ready to go." 

General Anthony McAuliffe - Acting American Commander of 101st Airborne during the German siege of Bastogne (Battle of the Bulge).NUT POWDER IN HISTORY NUTS! (photo: CC)On the morning of 22 December 1944, a German surrender party approached the encircled 101st Airborne Division. General Eisenhower had ordered the 101st to hold the town of Bastogne at all costs. The Germans had just launched their largest offensive of the war on the Western Front, and the Americans were completely surrounded, in freezing snowing low-visibility conditions, not well equipped, and air resupply was not possible. The Germans presented Acting Division Commander General Anthony McAuliffe with a surrender ultimatum. McAuliffe wrote down an official reply... "Nuts!" The Germans were not sure if this was an affirmative or a negative response. The 101st then proceeded to hold off the siege until reinforcements arrived from the 4th Armored Division of Patton's 3rd Army. McAuliffe was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by General Patton on December 30, 1944. Although, the very cold temperatures and lack of supplies during the Battle of the Bulge did not permit the application of Nut Powder, General McAuliffe exhibited the pure tenacity and "grace under pressure" that is commonly demonstrated by those who employ the use of Nut Powder. It is for this reason that we honor him and his fine choice of words.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS & NEW PRODUCT Nut Powder has been tested around the world. A notable Philadelphian, as he emerged into the daunting heat, applied Nut Powder and commented with a smile, "it is like dropping your boys in a snow bank." Satisfied customer Kyle reported, "It's a hot one out there today, and with temperatures expected to rise another 20 degrees, I highly recommend you all do what I just did. I drove home and powdered up. While the rest of my body is toiling away in this equatorial morning heat, my boys are on a polar expedition. It's a beautiful thing." In May 2010, Nut Powder was used on a successful expedition to the summit of Mount Everest. In June 2010, Cooke was appointed to the Board after a ceremony performed by Mayor Nutter. In 2013, Nut Powder launched support of the Black Dog Aerobatic Team.


Nut Powder launches polo sponsorship in Asia  Mayor Nutter performing a ceremony
2007: Nut Powder launches Polo Sponsorship in S.E.Asia -- 2010: Cooke appointed to Board after ceremony by Mayor Nutter

2013: Nut Powder launches aerial support of Black Dog Aerobatic Team.


MISSION ORIENTED Nut Powder is especially useful if you are stranded behind enemy lines on a mission.
Don't go on a mission without it.


Officially sanctioned by The Royal & Ancient Order of Bush Pilots

Nut Powder is a proud sponsor of the Black Dog Polo Team

Used to reach summit of Mount Everest in 2010

"One good Nut deserves another"

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A Mongolian Camel Polo Player in the Gobi Desert -- a fine place to use Nut Powder